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“Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I'll have a long beard by the time I read them.” ― Arnold Lobel

Never After

on May 12, 2015


What’s a girl to do when the groom chosen for her is far from Prince Charming? Or maybe she just doesn’t want a groom at all? Released in 2009, this enjoyable collection of modern fairy tales looks at what happens when the bride says “I don’t.”

Can He Bake A Cherry Pie? by Laurell K. Hamilton – Elinore has always been a good and dutiful daughter. When her father announces his intention to give her hand in marriage to the perverted Earl of Chillswoth, Elinore can see only one way to save herself from a fate worse than death. Proclaiming that she will rescue Prince True, lost prince of legend, is almost certainly suicide. Elinore only hopes that she will at least die honorably.

The Shadow of Mist – An Otherworld Novella by Yasmine Galenorn –  Siobhan Morgan, a selkie  / wereseal, is finally happy. She has a mate she loves, who’s child she is carrying, and she finally has a community and sense of belonging for the first time since leaving Ireland. Too bad her distinctly evil betrothed has found her after searching for a hundred years. Terrance doesn’t care about anything but power and possession. He’s coming after Siobhan and no one she loves is safe.

The Tangleroot Palace by Marjorie M. Liu – Sally’s father has found a way to save his land from the increasing border skirmishes and vandals, in the form of marriage for his only daughter. And if an unwanted marriage isn’t bad enough, he’s chosen a fierce warlord who commands a barbarian hoard. Sally’s desperation pulls her toward the darkly magical Tangleroot forest and her destiny.

The Wrong Bridegroom by Sharon Shinn – The beautiful Princess Olivia is an only child used to getting her way. Although promised from birth, she has refused to marry the calm and dull Sir Harwin Brenley. When her father arranges a contest with her hand as prize, Olivia is pleased with the romantic notion. That is until she gets a look at the contestants. Especially when Harwin continues to vie for her hand in marriage. During the contest and the events that follow, Olivia comes to realize that not everything is at it seems.




One response to “Never After

  1. DLAnderson says:

    This sounds good – I’m going to read it. I love short stories.

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