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“Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I'll have a long beard by the time I read them.” ― Arnold Lobel

Immortal: Love Stories with Bite

on March 10, 2014

Immortal Love Stories With Bite

Eight shorts delving into different kinds of love. Some that are definitely not what you expect, and they’re all worth the read.

Haunted Love by Cynthia Leitich Smith – Cody has purchased & is opening the Old Love theater for the first time in fifty years. He’s understandably a little nervous. For one thing, he just graduated high school and knows nothing about running a business. Then there’s the fact that the theater is haunted by a girl that seems to like him, the power elixir he ordered online has turned him into a vampire, someone’s bound to realize his uncle is actually dead, and the new girl in town is flirting with him. That’s just a lot to handle at once.

Amber Smoke by Kristin Cast – The last thing Jenna expects when she’s heading to the first party of her senior year is that it will be her last normal night. Fortunately, the son of the Furies comes to save her and teach her. Her new abilities make Jenna very powerful and Alek is there to guide and protect her. It doesn’t hurt that he is also insanely hot.

Dead Man Stalking – A Morganville Vampires Story by Rachel Caine – Shane Collins lives in the small town of Morganville. It’s a weird place by any definition, what with it being run by vampires, but now something really strange is going on. The first sentences convinced me that not only would I like this story, but I need to find the rest of this series. “Living in West Texas is sort of like living in Hell, only without the favorable climate and charming people. Living in Morganville, Texas is all of that and a takeout bag of worse.” My kind of humor!

Table Manners by Tanith Lee – When Lel sees him at the October Ball she knows immediately that he is A Vampire. Great. First she gets coerced into attending the ball and now she has to deal with someone who steals blood. She simply will not put up with those kind of manners, no matter how attractive he is. Funny and different read.

Blue Moon by Richelle Mead – Lucy Wade has found out something that could change the way the vampires run everything. Sadly, her own family will stop at nothing to keep her from sharing the information and bringing down her own kind. She’s on the run and can only hope that the human helping her, Nathan, can escort her out of town without either of them being killed.

Changed by Nancy Holder – Jilly’s 16th birthday celebration wasn’t going as planned at all. The vampire invasion started while she and most of her friends danced at the club. Somehow she escaped the attacks, but now she has to find a way to survive. And the only way she can imagine living is if she can find her best friend / ex-boyfriend Eli. She still loves him more than anything in the world, even if he has a boyfriend of his own now. Finding him is the only thing that keeps Jilly moving. She just hopes that she finds him in time.

Binge by Rachel Vincent – Andi and Mallory are inseparable best friends, despite a few difficulties. Like that Andi is a siren and Mallory is the only one who can rein her in before she drains someone with her song. And that Mallory envies Andi’s talent so much it hurts. When Mallory finally finds what she wants and needs, will Andi be able to return the favor and pull her back from the brink? And will Mallory let her?

Free – A Story of Evernight by Claudia Gray – Patrice knows exactly how her life will go. Her mother has drilled into her for as long as she can remember the expectations that come with being a free woman of color, protected by wealthy white men. Patrice knows that she is far more fortunate than the slaves, but feels just as trapped in this arrangement that allows so much luxury. Being singled out for courting by Julien Larroux is the last thing she wants and he is clearly not going to be dissuaded. She desperately wants to be with Amos, the free blacksmith that she loves, even if it’s only one time. Is Patrice strong enough to do what it takes to be truly free?


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